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Guendalina Salini

Picture: Antonello's Anagram

....Senti Lontano?

ali sonnolente
   elio salato, lieto
onesto lento?

E il sole?
E' anello o solido?

Indolentemente - tensione lanosa

Dolmen o Atlas?
mente o melodia?
idea o nota?

Lodiamo l'insolito! L'anomalia!
Solo antidoto, solo nesso,
sola lealta'.
(solo assioma, Antonello.)

Picture: "Antonello's Anagram"


The notion of restoration is central to the work of Guendalina Salini. However restoration here is not to be understood as historical reconstruction, rather it serves to disclose the internal dynamic which is at the genesis of the image.

The work brings into play images belonging to the history of art and recontextualise them. By "redrawing" the image the artist intends to open it to a spatial-temporal suspension, a suspension that places the emphasis on the process of art itself.



Exhibitions & Interventions

Jun 1999 "Biennale del Mediterraneo" - Rome. Selected by Jannis Kounellis.
Jan 1999 "Arricciolatura" - Rome. Site specific intervention.
Oct 1999 "Bridge" - Isle of Skye, Scotland. Site specific intervention.
Feb 1998 "On Site" - Lauderdale House, London. Curated by Simon Moretti.
Mar 1997 "Blank" - Bilbao University. Performance installation.
May 1996 "Live Art Event" - London. Curated by Richard Leyzell.

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1999 - 2001 MA Fine Art, Middlesex University, London.
1995 - 1998 BA (Hons), Byam Shaw School of Art, London
1997 Stage at the Fine Art Department, University of Bilbao, Spain
1992 - 1994 Philosophy and Humanities Studies. Sapienza University, Rome

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