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Tim Renshaw

Picture by Tim Renshaw

An urbanised geometry gives Tim Renshaw's painting a sign-like presence. The pictures stage a movement between appearance and deciphering. This encourages a deliberate play between an experience of visual immediacy and a process of reading forms.

The works picture a seemingly depthless space across which a painstaking accumulation of detail spreads. They are simultaneously flat and screen-like. On the one hand, colour, line and surface exist as sheer perceptual facts; on the other, they construct a space which could be read as a stage for projections.




1998 Gasworks, London
1996 Gasworks, London
1994 RSI, Winchester Gallery, Winchester School of Art
1991 Contemporary Arts Society, London
1991 Battersea Arts Centre, London

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1998 Arts Council Purchase Award
1993 - 95 Winchester Fellowship
1998 Boise Travel Scholarship

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1992 - 96 MA History and Theory of Modern Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design
1989 - 90 MA Painting, Chelsea College of Art and Design
1983 - 86 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Leeds Metropolitan University

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